Friday, December 23, 2011

Yala's Best of 2011 Blooper Video!

2011 marked many new beginnings for Yala: a new name, new fabric lines, new faces in the company and our first ever employee-cast fashion videos. Things weren't always as smooth as they appeared in the final cut, but they sure were funny! May we present to you a behind the scenes peek at OUR best blooper moments of 2011!

Take a look at other team Yala First and Best Of videos...

Yala's First Fashion Video: 
How do you Yala in your Charlotte Tunic

Yala's First Nightwear Video:
How do you Yala in your Izzy Pajama Set?

Yala's Most Viewed Video: 
How do you Yala in your Elite Airline Set?

Yala's Most Viewed How to Style Scarf Video:
How many ways can you Yala in your Cashmere Scarf?

Until next time, Happy Holidays from Yala - we love you!

Lauren of Team Yala

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