Friday, December 2, 2011

Yala Sales Rep Amanda Giomi Explores Europe!

Have you ever wanted to explore Europe? Been there before and dream of going back? Yala's long time employee, Amanda Giomi, got to do just that this winter when she took a well-deserved two weeks off to travel to Italy and Switzerland with her husband Treg.

Amanda with her husband Treg

Interview with Amanda…

What was your favorite part of the trip?

All of it really, we loved immersing ourselves in the laid back Italian lifestyle, indulging in the simple yet exquisite cuisine, and of course taking in all the history; everything from the ancient ruins in Rome to the works of famous artists such as Michael Angelo and Sandro Botticelli.


Did you know the language or learn any while you were traveling?
I had been listening to some Italian language pod casts here and there and I did know a few words and phrases but everybody was very friendly and helpful when it came to communicating, I loved learning the language! I downloaded a translation app ‘IHandy’ for my iPhone before we left and it turned out to be extremely helpful!

Town of Monterosso - Cinque Terre, Italy

What historical site did you like the best?
The history and the architecture were absolutely mind-blowing! Some of the highlights for me were seeing the Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, and visiting the Accademia Gallery, which houses the Statue of David.

The Vatican

What would you bring next time?
Better walking shoes! My typical motto is 'Fashion over Function' when it comes to footwear so I brought one pair of trendy flats (absolutely no cushion or arch support), a pair of nice boots for dressing up, and some light weight tennis shoes. I would have traded them all in for an amazing pair of walking shoes to wear every day!

On the Trail - Cinque Terre

What kind of accommodations did you stay in?
We mainly stayed at small Inns or B&B’s but in Venice we had an apartment, which was the best because it really allowed us to live like the locals!

Venice, Italy

What was your favorite authentic meal?
Would it be ridiculous to say that every meal was my favorite? Italians typically eat dinner later in the evening so most of the restaurants don’t even open until 8 o’clock at night. We learned quickly that 2-3 hours for meal time was the norm. At first it was a hard adjustment because we were so accustomed to living a fast-paced American lifestyle where it's always go, go, go. Once we realized "hey, we're in Italy, we have nowhere else to be and nothing else to do" dinner often became the highlight of the day. It was a time to sit down, relax, enjoy each other's company, reminisce about the days events, and indulge!

Seafood Linguine


Was this your first time traveling abroad?
Yes, it was the first time for both of us! Treg and I both had dreams of going to Italy before we even met so it was amazing to be able to experience it together.

Town of Vernazza - Cinque Terre, Italy

Do you have any advice for planning a trip to Europe?
The best advice I ever got was “pack light, just bring a carry-on”. Typically I over pack for every trip so I never thought it would be possible to pack two weeks worth of clothing options into a tiny carry-on, but I’m so glad that I did! We traveled through Italy & Switzerland by train and I can’t even imagine trying to deal with more than one small bag!

Ponte Vecchio - Florence, Italy

What Yala item do you wish you had?
In hindsight I wish I had brought the Airline Comfort Set for the long plane ride to and from!

Did you bring any Yala with you? What did you find most useful?
Of course I packed Yala! We traveled in mid to late October so it was just starting to get chilly; I literally wore my Garnet Cashmere Scarf every single day. Not only did it keep me warm but it looked very chic amongst a sea of fashion-forward Italian natives.

Lugano, Switzerland 

Yala's Cashmere Scarf 

Until Next Time,
Lauren of Team Yala

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