Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Facebook Giveaway Extended!
Help us Surpass 2012 'Likes' by the New Year and we'll Pick a SECOND Sheet Set Winner!

 What amazing Yala fans we have! 

Because we had so many people enter in round one of our sheet set giveaway, we decided to pick a SECOND sheet set winner. Help us exceed 2012 ‘likes’ by the new year and we will give away another sheet set - BambooDreams or Silk - your choice!

Already entered? Share the news with your friends and you'll have another chance to win! 

Congratulations again to our first grand prize sheet set winner, Brandi Hayden, and our stocking stuffer winners, Alli, Katy, Nancy, Hillary, Holly, Gretchen, Allison and Issa!

Happy Yaladays!
Lauren of Team Yala


  1. Joyful, joyful, that's how I'll be if I
    Win this awesome prize!
    Hott cocoa for sure!

  2. Hot Cocoa and silk sheets life doesnt get much better than that! :)