Friday, August 12, 2011

There's No Going Back... Once you Travel with Yala's Silk DreamSack®

"One word: Dreamsack." After 40 years of travel, visiting 78 different countries, jet setter Hinrich Kaiser rates Yala's Dreamsack® his number one most useful item in a recent Budget Travel article by William Bailey. Bailey's piece, “6 Essential Items for a Successful Vacation," sought to find out what six world travelers won’t leave home without.

Hinrich Kaiser explains why this little item is worth bringing on every trip: “I like to travel with a silk DreamSack. It is an item I'm used to that feels comfortable and is lightweight. Made by ecofriendly, Oregon-based Yala, the DreamSack is a cozy, person-size pocket with an attached cover for a pillow. It's made of 100% silk and folds up into a little bag for travel.”

Not a veteran traveler? Our Dreamsack suits every occasion, from unfamiliar hotels, staying over at a friend’s house or simply lining your sleeping bag. It conveniently comes in five different sizes to accommodate your travel needs. From the Original DreamSack® (34" wide), to our most popular Extra Roomy Opening DreamSack® (42" wide), to the Double and Double Deluxe DreamSacks®- wide enough to cover a mattress and perfect for couples.

Paula Lusk prefers the Extra Roomy Opening DreamSack®. As her review says, “I love my Dreamsack. I bought one for my daughter when she went to Europe the first time. Then my hubby and I got stuck in a nasty motel because of flight cancel, so I bought us both one. I have used mine all over the world. It even works great when I have to sleep on the couch of a relative. Just add a pillow and blanket. Sleep great.”

Lisa’s review of the Double Deluxe DreamSack® recommends not leaving home without it.  She says, “About 5 years ago I got my family to pool my Christmas present money together and buy me one of these to take on trips. I have never been totally happy sleeping on hotel beds and their sheets. Since I got my Dreamsack I am VERY happy on my trips now since I bring my sheets with me (and I sometimes use it on the plane or in the airport during delays). DON'T leave home without it!!”

DreamSacks® have a special place in the hearts of everyone here at Yala. It all started in 1987 when Yala founders, Nancy and Larry Morgan, stitched together two well-worn sheets as a clean and comforting liner to take on their travels in China. In 1996, they became a family company. The same curiosity and care goes into everything we make at Yala. Take it from us, make sure you don’t forget your most important travel buddy the next time you're on the road!

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Team Yala

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