Friday, August 5, 2011

Chelsea in Australia with her Cashmere Scarf, Use Coupon Code BLISSFUL for 20% Off!

 Yala's Cashmere Scarf

Yala co-founder, Chelsea Morgan, recently returned from a "wonderful" trip to Australia with her husband. They started in Sydney and drove north up the coast to “Noosa Heads”. Since it is winter in Australia now, Chelsea found her new Cashmere Scarf by Yala to be her go to Yala piece during the whole trip. "The cashmere scarf was soft and comforting as a blanket on the 16 hour plane trip. The cashmere took the chill off when sightseeing in Sydney and dressed up any outfit for the evenings. Chai was the perfect rich neutral color, it went with everything!" explains Chelsea.  

Chelsea recently made it into an article on Entrepreneur titled "Five Upbeat Stress Busters" where she explained her stress reliever is hugging her chickens, "It instantly reminds you of life's simple joys," she says. "It's reassuring to see how life goes on, despite whatever is stressing us out."
She especially enjoyed seeing whales, dolphins, sea turtles, kangaroos, koala, wallaroos and wallabies in the wild on her trip to Australia. Chelsea commented, "I think Kangaroos are to Australia as Deer are to Ashland…they are everywhere! The picture of the single Kangaroo is of a mom with a baby in her pouch.  SO CUTE!"  

Even though it was winter, it got warm enough up north that they were able to swim in the ocean and lay out on the beaches. "We stumbled upon beach after beach that we had all to ourselves, the color of the ocean was incredible. The Australian folk we met were laid back, very friendly and welcoming" she adds.  


Need something light to take the chill off when the sun goes down? You deserve a treat – why not give day-to-day life a nudge into the extraordinary by treating yourself to our Cashmere Scarf? The luxuriously soft cashmere transforms drab into delightful and reminds you of what is beautiful in life. Watch as Yala's social networker, Lauren, demonstrates many of the ways you can style this versatile piece...

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