Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer For Kids - An Environmentally Sound & Socially Conscious Children’s Store

Located on the sunny California coast, Summer for Kids is a specialty children's store that prides itself on carrying merchandise that is both safe for children and environmentally friendly, including our very own Yala products.
"The main focus of our store is on organic, natural and safe products (matresses, furniture, baby/toddler, apparel from Yala, etc.). As far as children's toys I make sure they are high quality, safe and creative so we can raise smart children!" says Adrianna Shuman, store owner. Watch the video below to see what their store looks like on the inside...

Adrianna personally adores many of Yala's pieces, stating, "I LOVE the Bamboo Dreams®
Kai Top and Cropped Leggings." Great pick! Two versatile and fun pieces that are a must in every woman's closet! They recently started carrying our Bamboo Dreams® Mia Tunic from Yala's fall line.

Summer for Kids Outfit

Cropped legging
Mia Tunic - Women's BambooDreams® Tunics - Yala Designs

Summer for Kids is well known for their non-profit organization, For All the Children. All of the store's profits as well as 100% of Adrianna's salary are donated to benefit local children's charities in Santa Barbara. "My husband and I decided to give to charities the year after we opened, mainly to raise awareness about child abuse and to help needy children in general. I have been involved with CALM and Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, we try to help as much as we can" says Adrianna.

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