Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet Yala's Assistant Director of Product Development!

 Tif Cooper in the Yala® Charlotte Tunic

Meet Yala’s® Assistant Director of Product Development, Tif Cooper. Tif assists the design team in discovering and creating new products for Yala as well as making sure they fit with our customers' lifestyle needs. Specifically she explains, “I work with our factories in India and China in getting the products from the line drawings to samples and then final product.”

Tif has always been interested in art and design, beginning by learning to sew at age 5 from her grandmother who was a master seamstress.  Tif studied costume and textile design in her first two years of college, but ended up getting a science degree. “I love the science knowledge I acquired in school, but I knew all along I had to work in the design industry,” she admits. Yala’s adorable Gum Drop Tunic was designed by Tif herself.

Tif, Chelsea and Nancy visit their factory in China.

Tif recently had the opportunity to travel with Yala’s founders to China. “I was very excited to join Chelsea and Nancy on their recent trip to China. It was a huge learning experience for me. I got to work hands-on with our factory and the women who sew our products,” says Tif. She hopes to do more traveling in the future and continue working closely with Yala’s foreign partners on creating new products.

Aemon, 6 months old (left) and 18 months old (right) wearing

Tif has also participated in some in-house modeling and employee video shoots. Although she is a natural, she confesses she is shy on camera. Her 18 month old Aemon on the other hand never has a problem smiling for the camera and has been a Yala baby model since he was 6 months old!

Take it from Tif – her favorite piece this summer is the Greta Maxi Dress, “So comfortable and cute!” When asked what Yala’s upcoming styles are Tif answered, “Yala has really fun Organic Cotton styles coming out for Fall as well as cute products in the BambooDreams fabric we love so much. The colors and styles are amazing.”

Your favorite producer of BambooDreams is soon to introduce their Organic Cotton line that will only leave you wanting one in every color!

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