Friday, May 27, 2011

Wildflower Organics: "Green" Retail Pioneers


Have you ever wished that your entire bedroom could be filled with luxurious, natural products from around the world? Wildflower Organics, a retailer of Yala bamboo and silk bedding, guarantees you can walk out of their store with everything you can imagine to complete your bedroom and your children’s room too!


Owners Cori and Gunnar Headman the self-proclaimed "Green Retail Pioneers", take global responsibility to heart as part of their buying philosophy and it show's! The store's distinct style includes healthy, quality, natural products for every room in the house, including a large collection of natural mattresses and beautiful, natural products for babies and children. We at Yala were happy to partner with Wildflower in 2001, and have them add our bamboo and silk bedding to their selection.

Wildflower Organics is a well-known, much-loved Austin shopping destination. Located in the heart of this vibrant city, the store offers high-end furniture, gorgeous accessories, unique gifts and a full line of natural bedding products.
A visit to Wildflower is a sensual feast, with an abundance of texture, color and shape moving seamlessly from one display to the next. A talented team of design professionals are at hand to guide your search or simply stay out of your way while you wander the store with its intoxicating smells and vast selection of products.


Team Yala

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