Monday, August 6, 2012

Yala's Silk Filled Comforter Facebook Giveaway!

Luxury Silk Comforter – silk inside and out – the ultimate in softness. Sleep in a cloud – our Luxury Silk Filled Comforters are that light, warm and dreamy! 100% pure silk inside and out, this comforter surrounds you in a cocoon so sumptuous and enticing, you’ll never want to leave. And why should you? A long, deep, comforting sleep is what we need these days!

The  Luxury Silk Comforter also makes a glorious gift for a special occasion. Following ancient Chinese tradition, the Silk Filled Comforter is made layer by layer from hand-stretched silk floss. Stitching holds the interior silk in place.
 Don't miss out on a chance to win one of our amazing Queen Luxury Silk Filled Comforters valued at $935!

We hope to see your entry on Facebook!

Amanda of Team Yala

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