Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yala VP Chelsea Morgan on her Travels to Paris and Corsica!

My husband and I just returned from our trip to Corsica.  Corsica was a dream come true.  The people were so welcoming and excited to share their country with us.  The landscape was OUTSTANDING.  We’ve never experienced such varied landscape – from turquoise water and white sandy beaches, to huge granite cliffs and dense forests, to towns that dotted the hills.  Part of what made Corsica feel so magical was how untouched it felt.  We didn’t meet any other American tourists the whole time we were there!

We spent a few days in (one of) the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris! before flying to Corsica. 

We flew into Bonifacio.  What an amazing city perched on the edge of a huge cliff overlooking the water. 

From Bonifacio we worked our way up the east coast, through Porto Vecchio, and stayed in Pinarellu.  This drive was incredible as each bend in the road lead to another jaw dropingly gorgeous beach.  

From Pinarellu we headed inland to the Aiguilles de Bavella.  Just a short drive inland you are met by these huge granite peaks. 

We spent our third night in the town of Propiano.  From our hotel window we could look out at the harbor, lined with restaurants and filled with huge yachts.

From Propiano we drove inland once again.  It was our longest driving day, heading over the mountains, through Corte, before we ended in Evisa.

Gulf de Porto is a UNESCO world heritage site and reserve.  The natural porphyritic rock masses were breathtaking!  We took a boat ride to take it all in.

 Our trip came to a close in Calvi.  Au revoir Corsica!  Good bye for now, we’ll be back!

Until Next Time, 

Chelsea Morgan - Vice President

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