Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Big Fat Greek Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday to Yala President Nancy Morgan! Nancy shares all about her Greek-themed party, read about her delicious Greek meal and snag the recipes for your next party...

My birthday is coming up so to celebrate my sweet husband made a special dinner and invited a close group of friends over. The dinner was so spectacular I had to share.

The inspiration for the dinner was our recent visit to Meze’s Greek Kitchen in San Francisco which sparked fantasies of warm sun and island hopping in the Aegean.

Once our guests arrived, the ladies sat outside enjoying a glass of wine and the appetizer plate of eggplant tapenade, olives, and lemon feta cheese while the men bustled around the kitchen plating the meal. 

When the call “to the table” came we all eagerly sat down. In front of us were glorious plates of Greek specialties: moussaka, zucchini fritters topped with tzatziki, hummus, pita bread, and of course a Greek salad with a lemon olive oil dressing.

Homemade Greek Moussaka is a labor of love.  Rich layers of potatoes, lamb, and my favorite vegetable, eggplant, are topped with b├ęchamel sauce – yes Larry even made the sauce.  Cinnamon and allspice give it a luscious flavor. 

Who knew that zucchini fritters were so delectable? And with summer coming, this is a recipe to save when all that squash ripens at the same time.


The recipe also includes tzatziki which is the perfect cool and creamy side to any Mediterranean meal.

Even if you aren’t traveling to Greece any time soon, you can enjoy the tastes with these recipes.  So delightful – I will be dreaming about this meal all year!

Until Next Time, 

Nancy Morgan - President

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