Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Community Compost Pick Up Program
Here in the Rogue Valley!

Have you ever wanted to compost, but don't have an appropriate backyard or composting system to break down your food scraps? We were delighted to learn about a service offered by a new business called Community Compost in our valley. They will pick up your compost on a weekly basis!

While some big cities have started offering this service along with their trash & recycling pick up, city wide programs are less common for smaller communities.

 (Photo provided by Community Composting)

We were delighted to find out about the service offered by Community Compost, not only does it help the environment but your trash bill as well! See the benefits of composting below...

Benefits of Composting:

Learn a little more about Community Compost's business:

Community Compost is a new, local small business, providing affordable pick-up of compostable food scraps from residential homes in the Rogue Valley.

(First Pick up! Photo provided by Community Composting)

Instead of unused food scraps accumulating in our land-fills, we collect them, and bring them to a local farm, where the materials are cultivated into re-usable compost, and eventually re-introduced to the soil.

By providing this service, Community Compost reduces your footprint on our local environment, and harnesses the energy of your food scraps for the nourishment of the soil on our local farms.  This energy helps grow the delicious foods produced and consumed here in the Rogue Valley.

Green house at Blue Fox Farm

Community Compost connects you to your local food source, so you can be an important part of the sustainable agricultural practices in our region.

- Community Compost

If you live in Ashland, Talent, Pheonix, Medford or Central Point, Oregon make sure to visit their website or give them a call: 541-301-3426

We look up to cities like San Francisco. Since 2009, San Francisco has had a mandatory compost separation and city wide compost pick up program. Guaranteed to reduce landfills in cost and quantity, reduce green house gas emissions, as well as all of the above mentioned benefits- everyone should compost!

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