Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EcoChic an Earth Friendly Boutique

Yala is proud to be partners with a wonderful shop in Milford, Delaware called EcoChic. Teri Carter's EcoChic Boutique is a unique green business that offers not only environmentally friendly products but trend setters for the fashion conscious. A shop with a mission, owner Teri Carter opened the shop because of a life changing decision...
Teri Carter, Owner of EcoChic

"It started with a little step... several years ago, I was amazed to find out just how much waste a family of seven could accumulate.  So, along with my husband and five young children, we began recycling and quickly reduced our trash to a third of what it used to be. No longer overfilling a large curbside trash bin with non-biodegradables, we quickly moved to two recycling containers while only filling our non-recyclables bin one third full each week. This was the beginning of my obsession with all things “green”.

Over time, I became frustrated with the lack of local eco-friendly options for my family.  Although I could find them online; I wanted to support my local economy.

This is where my large step came in...

I decided to bring “greener” options to our region and open a store that provided Earth Friendly Products to people who shared my passion. There was just one thing missing, a name.  "Eco" was the easy part, but I didn't want to leave out the element of fashion and style. That's where the "Chic" (pronounced sheek) came in; it means just that, 'stylish' or ‘fashionable’! Perfect, I knew I had found it!"

What started with a little step became a life changing decision to run "EcoChic an Earth Friendly Boutique" Teri's previous career as a registered nurse gave her insight into the effects that chemicals found in everyday products have on our health. EcoChic proudly carries eco-friendly cleaning products, skincare, makeup, baby care products, eco-friendly living, handcrafted jewelry and accessories and bamboo clothing."

Be sure to visit EcoChic if you are ever in the neighborhood and keep an eye out for some of EcoChic's Yala favorites such as the Piper Dress, Laurel Wrap and Harlow Top while you are there!
 Yala's Piper Dress                                              Yala's Laurel Wrap


Don't live in the area? They have a growing online store and an EcoChic Facebook page that you should be sure to check out.

Lastly, we leave all of you entrepreneurs and environmentally conscious people out there with some words of advice from EcoChic owner Teri...

"My words of encouragement to people who are looking to go green are these...start small, but definitely start. If everyone did just a little…together we could all make a big difference."

Until next time,

Lauren of Team Yala

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