Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yala Founders Nancy and Larry Morgan
Spend Ten Days on a Barge in France!

Ten days on a barge in France is a slow, luxurious way to get to know France’s interior. It is a unique way to visit small villages, bike on country roads, shop farmers’ markets, enjoy regional wines, and eat in local restaurants.
Lucky us! We chose a trip on the River Lot.  We began our planning a year ahead of time with six other friends by booking our boat through Le Boat.  We already knew we would have a wonderful time as we had done the same trip on the Canal du Midi three years earlier.
Larry, enjoying the scenery
The living area, bedrooms, and bathrooms are small so thank goodness we have fun and wonderful friends as travel companions.  Our DreamSacks were much appreciated as the linen provided was limited.

Nancy in her Yala Tessa Tunic with traveling companions
We picked up our boat in the small town of Duelle, famous for its beautiful riverside mural depicting the history of wine.
Soon we learned the art of opening and closing the locks to raise or lower our boat as we went upstream or downstream.  We all took part by either roping the boat off or climbing up the ladder and cranking the heavy iron doors open or closed as our capable friend Captain Tom, guided us through.

We flowed past spectacular views of medieval villages, castles, farms and vineyards, pulling over when we wanted to explore. 
We are already looking forward to our next barge adventure.

Until next time,

Nancy Yala Founder

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